Undergraduate Programs

Transferring Credits from Other Schools

Pamplin students planning to take courses at any other school must complete one of the forms below. Course syllabi are required for courses outside of a VCCS (Virginia Community College). Submit your form, and syllabi if required, in 1046 Pamplin Hall.

In order to receive credit upon completing the class(es) elsewhere, students must have the official transcript sent from the registrar at the other school to: Virginia Tech, Office of the University Registrar, 250 Student Services Building MC 0134, Blacksburg VA 24061.

Rules governing transfer credits

  1. Credit will not be transferred while a student is on suspension.
  2. Only courses with a grade of C or better will transfer. Only credits transfer; grades do not.
  3. The course must be offered at an accredited college or university.
  4. The course must be approved by the Pamplin College of Business as equivalent to a VPI&SU course.
  5. Only courses listed in the Transfer Guide will transfer from Virginia Community Colleges.
  6. No more than 50% of the credits required for graduation may be transferred from two-year colleges. In the College of Business, this maximum is 62 semester hours.
  7. The College requires at least 50% of all Business semester hours (any required courses taken in Accounting, Business Information Technology, Finance, Management, and Marketing) be taken at Virginia Tech. The Departments of Accounting and Information Systems and Business Information Technology require their majors to take all in-major courses at Virginia Tech.
  8. Of the last 45 hours before graduation, a maximum of 18 semester hours may be transfer hours.
  9. The student must have an official transcript sent no later than two semesters after the work is completed.