Undergraduate Programs

Stuart Mease

Executive Director of Student Advancement and Career Services

Stuart Mease

Stuart Mease


Office: Pamplin 1046

Phone: 540-231-4200

Fax: 540-231-4487

E-mail: smease@vt.edu



Mr. Mease, Director of Undergraduate Career Services in Pamplin, will advise Pamplin's undergraduates in their career planning and job search activities and assist employers in their recruitment of Pamplin students. Mease will also serve as an advisor on Business Horizons Career Day.


Mr. Mease is returning to Virginia Tech, after having worked at Rackspace, where he served as the Recruiting Leader for the publicly-traded, Blacksburg division of Rackspace Email and Apps. A Pamplin alumnus, Mr. Mease received a bachelor's degree in marketing in 1997 and an MBA in 2000. He also worked at Virginia Tech for several years: first, as a job placement director in Pamplin's management department, and later, in external relations and marketing at the university's Center for Regional Strategies. He has served on the boards of a number of economic development, arts, and social organizations. He ran for Blacksburg Town Council in 2002. Mease is married, has one child, and enjoys spending time with his family, studying Christianity, playing golf, watching sports, following politics and engaging in the community. More information about Mr. Mease can be found here.